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Your surplus software may hold value for your business

surplus software is something that every business has – in fact, many corporations have large inventories of it that they either no longer use or possibly never even used at all.

Did you know that there may be a substantial amount of money for your company just sitting there in those boxes?


Some of our clients have even said that they thought their surplus and/or used software could not be re-sold after they had purchased it.

The truth is that some surplus software can be re-sold and some cannot, and while you may not know all the specifics pertaining to this, we do - so don’t worry!

Tell us what you've got and we'll tell you what it's worth.

Here is a list of what we are currently purchasing. This list changes often so we encourage our clients to check back with us on a regular basis:

Microsoft Windows operating systems, Windows XP and newer.
Most Microsoft Business applications and productivity suites (server applications such as SQL server, Windows Advanced server and all versions of Microsoft Office as well as many others) from 2003 and newer.
Dell Branded Restore Discs, Windows XP and newer.
Most Adobe Design software from 2004 and newer
Some Quark products
Apple Final Cut Products form 2004 and newer
MAC operating systems from OSX and Up
Other design and business oriented applications.

You Can Use the Form Below to Write To Us For A Quote On Your Surplus Software. You Can Also Email Us Your List or Spreadsheet.


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If you have some software that is not listed here please feel free to email us and if it has any value to us we will get back to you.

IMPORTANT! All software submitted to us for purchase must be legal. We are not interested in pirated software, nor do we endorse the practice of software piracy. Some types of Software cannot be resold, and other types have restrictions that must be followed. If you are not sure if your software is legal and /or whether or not it can be sold, just give us a call at 1-888-203-5609 and we'll let you know if we can use it or not. Please do not submit any copied CDs.

A note to individuals wishing to sell us software/hardware:

We are often asked the question …
"Do you buy from individuals as well, or just from companies?"

We specialize in B2B transactions, but we don't want to turn anyone away. Small and large businesses and independent IT consultants are our major clients. For the home owner with a single old computer or piece of used software, we are not the right match.

In most cases, SoftBuyers, Inc. is interested in purchasing even small quantities of certain used software, such as Microsoft Office, Adobe PhotoShop, Microsoft Server software, or other publishing or enterprise-level software. Call us today for a quote on what you've got.

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